About Fem-Flax®

Concentrated Fem-Flax has been especially formulated for women of menopausal age in an effort to combat “hot flashes” and “night sweats”, symptoms traditionally associated with menopause.

The active ingredients in Fem-Flax are commonly referred to as “flax hull lignans”.  Each Fem-Flax capsule contains 99.9% of the full-spectrum of 27 available flax hull lignans.  Fem-Flax contains no additives, fillers, preservatives or other unnecessary inert compounds. Each capsule is packed end to end, with highly concentrated all-natural active ingredients (700mg).

Fem-Flax, made from the outer portion of the flax hull, is much better at reducing menopause symptoms than either whole ground flaxseed, flasxeed oil, ect.  Fem-Flax is a concentrated powder made from the outer area of the seed hull. The oily embrio portion of the seed is not used in this product.

In that the active ingredient affecting menopause symptoms is only found in the seed hull (about 18% by weight of the entire whole seed), Fem-Flax becomes highly concentrated and far less product needs to be taken to be effective.

A daily regimen of Fem-Flax is much different than eating whole ground flaxseed. In order to obtain the same potent lignan count found in concentrated Fem-Flax, you would have to ingest many more times the volume in whole ground flaxseed.

The ‘active’ mammalian lignans produced in the body with flaxseed consumption have hormonal effects in women and help to relieve menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. These act by binding to estrogen receptors on cell membranes.

Most realize that during menopause, the levels of endogenous (naturally occurring) estrogens in the blood decrease naturally because the ovaries produce and release fewer natural estrogens.

While mammalian lignans may not be as powerful as natural estrogens, the complete full-spectrum of 27 lignans found in FemFlax have been clinically proven to be as effective as ‘hormone replacement therapy’ in improving menopause symptoms.

The good news is that the concentrated flax hull lignans found in Fem-Flax act as weak estrogen replacements, and in this way, help to alleviate the hot flash and night sweats symptoms associated with menopause.

® Product Description

Fem-Flax is a concentrated, all-natural plant food supplement that has been specially formulated treatment to help relive menopause symptoms, specifically, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc.

The concentrated active ingredient in Fem-Flax has been clinically tested and has been shown to totally eliminate or lessen the severity of these symptoms.  In addition to being safe and effective, every batch of Fem-Flax has been laboratory analyzed to insure that it meets our rigid potency standards.

Fem-Flax has been encapsulated for ease and convenience and each bottle contains 180 capsules, each packed with 700mg of concentrated, active ingredients.  Fem-Flax contains no fillers, additives, or preservatives and yet, boasts a minimum shelf life of at least 4 years, without a reduction in potency.

We are so confident that Fem-Flax will help to relieve your symptoms that Fem-Flax offers a full, money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the effectiveness of this product*.

There should be enough product packed in every bottle of Fem-Flax to provide even the chronic sufferer a measure of relief for 30 days.

We hope that you will try Fem-Flax soon so that you can begin experiencing the relief that so many women can already attest to. 

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flax hull lignans

Concentrated Fem-Flax® 180 capsules bottle

The Difference Between Fem-Flax® and Whole Ground Flaxseed


In 2007 the Mayo Clinic conducted a double-blind study on women of menopausal age to determine the effects of whole ground flaxseed on common menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, etc.

Each woman consumed 40 grams daily (8 teaspoons) of whole ground flaxseed. Notably, of the women who were able to finish the test, a 57% reduction in symptoms was realized.

Unfortunately, only about half of the women taking flaxseed (not the placebo) were able to finish the test.  The other half fell out of the test (some as early as one of two days) due to problems with diarrhea and other digestive difficulties.

While the average American diet is severely lacking in fiber, whole ground flaxseed is very high in soluble and non-soluble fiber.  Easily half of the women in the Mayo Clinic test could not tolerate 8 teaspoons (of whole ground flaxseed) per day and were forced to drop out early.

Why 8 teaspoons per day?

The non-placebo recipients during the testing phase where given unadulterated whole ground flaxseed.  The dose was determined so that the active phytonutrients in flaxseed would have a chance to produce the desired results.

Later studies revealed ways in which the active ingredients could be isolated, thus reducing the dose requirements by volume and weight.  This reduction process allowed a much more potent dose while at the same time, eliminating the risk of ingesting too much fiber.

The active ingredients in flaxseed come from the outer hull portion of the seed (18% of total seed weight) and not the larger, oily embryo portion of the seed. These are called “lignans”.  These flax hull lignans produce a weak phytoestrogenic effect and once metabolized, have the unique capacity to attach themselves to estrogen receptor cells within the body.

While not as potent as real female estrogens (estradiol), taken in sufficient quantity, they can produce the same ameliorating effects as real female hormones.

As realized in the 2007 study, the problem comes in providing a strong enough dose (to be effective), without (at the same time) producing digestive concerns.

Flax Hull Lignans

Researchers soon found a number of ways to isolate the hard outer covering from the embryo portion of the seed. Various methods were tried including water baths, steam baths, acetate baths, or various combinations of these in an attempt to successfully loosen the hull from the seed, making separation easier.

However, some researchers determined that the introduction of any liquid (during the separation process) could reduce the shelf-life or the phytonutrient bioavailability of the finished product, or allow the development of mold or other bacteria.

Fem-Flax uses a patented dry, cold-press process which exacts pressures of 10,000 lbs. per square inch to separate the flax hull lignans.  Further refinement reduces the product to a fine powder which is encapsulated into individual gel-caps containing 700mg of 99.9% pure flax hull lignans, each.

The recommended dose of Fem-Flax (6 capsules per day) only equates to 4.2 grams of product, less than a single teaspoon (5 grams) but offers more potency than the 8 teaspoons per day (of whole ground flaxseed) given to the Mayo Clinic test subjects, and with near-zero risk of problematic digestive side-effects.

Encapsulated Fem-Flax is easy to take and provides accurate dosage delivery without measuring.  In addition to the digestive risks, a daily regimen of whole ground flaxseed can be a messy proposition and/or cause unnecessary weight gain.

Mixed into water, whole ground flaxseed has a tendency to stick to the sides of the glass and clump to the bottom, making it nearly impossible to consume the entire dose.  Also, 8 teaspoons of whole ground flaxseed would require several glasses of water.

To offset this approach, some manufacturers contend that whole ground flaxseed can be toasted and added as a topping to either ice cream or yogurt.  Other suggestions call for adding small amounts of whole ground flaxseed (as an ingredient) to baked muffins or bread.  This “add to other food solution” quickly begs the question; “Using these methods, how much ice cream, yogurt, muffins, or bread slices would be necessary per day to deliver 40 grams of whole ground flaxseed?”

You can see that the “added to food” delivery method is totally ineffectual and can quickly add unnecessary and unwarranted calories and carbohydrates to the daily diet and this, at a time in life when most women have added concerns about weight gain. Also, this method does not take into account the additional food cost and preparation time required.

The other but usually unmentioned concern is flavor.  Frankly and in our opinion, whole ground flaxseed does not taste very good.  By comparison, wheat germ is a culinary delight.  One of our competitors even adds vanilla and MSG to their encapsulated product to help mask any off-putting flavors.

Another disadvantage and concern related to any whole ground flaxseed product, is longevity or shelf-life.  Whole ground flaxseed will quickly degrade and become rancid within days or weeks, even with refrigeration. This is due to the high oil content of whole ground flaxseed.  Once the container is opened, whole ground flaxseed should not be exposed to air or light.

Due to the unique and patented production process, Fem-Flax remains entirely dry, potent, and stable (even without refrigeration) for four years or more.  Again, it must be remembered that Fem-Flax is 99.9% pure flax hull lignans produced from the dry outer hull covering (where all of the phytonutrients are contained) and not the oily embryo seed portion.

Encapsulated Fem-Flax offers the safest, most potent, and accurate of all flax hull lignan delivery methods on the market today. At just $34.95 (for a one-month supply), it is also one of the least expensive.